We don't just publish your book. We help you write it.

Write the book. Tell your story. Help someone win.

We don't just publish your book. We help you write it.

Write the book. Tell your story. Help someone win.

You Need to write a book. they need to read it.

Having a book in you and not being able to get it out is frustrating and unfulfilling. Until you tell your story, the people who need it the most will never know how you turned your struggle into success. 

We don't just care about publishing.
We care about your story.

It cost you a lot to get to where you are. Now that you’re ready to tell your story, our team makes sure your book is something you can be proud of.

How we get it done

You have the book idea and the determination to make it happen. We have the execution.

1. write

Struggling with how to start, time to write, or how to finish? We teach, coach, or write on your behalf so you can get your book done.

2. edit

Editors who understand your unique content make sure your story flows and keeps your readers turning the pages.

3. design

Together we develop a title and subtitle that sells and a cover that attracts your potential readers to stop for a closer look.

4. market

We partner with you to create a customized marketing strategy to get your book into the hands of the people you want to help.

4. publish

We package all your hard work into a book you can be proud of and make it available to bookstores, libraries and a global online audience.

5. win

We celebrate your win! Writing a book that helps others is the fulfillment of your dream and a major accomplishment. 

How it works

tell us about your book

We’re interested in nonfiction books that tell your story and helps others win.

choose a plan

We give you options based on where you are in your writing journey.

fulfill your dream

We walk you through the process of writing and publishing a book you can be proud of.

Featured Books

We focus on quality and positioning you for the biggest win.

Our Services

Our time and expertise. Your high quality book.


Your Completed Book Draft + Our Publishing

You give us your completed draft,
we edit and do the publishing.

Average Timeframe: 4 - 6 mos.
$ 7,500
  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading
  • Title Development
  • Book Cover Design (front, spine & back)
  • Interior Layout
  • ISBN
  • Paperback + eBook format
  • Distribution on all major online platforms
  • Available to Retail Bookstores + Libraries
  • Author Bio + Book Description Sales Copy
  • Print on Demand copies at production cost
  • 10 Free Author/Promotional Copies


We Coach + You Write + We Publish

We guide you through the writing process,
then we edit and do the publishing.

Average Timeframe: 8 - 10 mos. (varies)
$ 15,000
  • Everything in Publishing plus
  • One-on-one writing coaching
  • Full Developmental + Structural Editing
  • Copyright Registration
  • Author's Book Web Page + Sales Copy
  • Professionally written Marketing Copy
  • Marketing Consult
  • Media Kit
  • 25 Free Author/Promotional Copies


We Write + We Publish

You tell us your story, we write your book
and do the publishing.

Average Timeframe: 6 - 8 mos.
$ 35,000*
  • Everything in Winners Guide plus
  • Professional ghostwriter
  • Time-saving process
  • Your words and voice
  • 50 Free Author/Promotional Copies
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Write the book. Tell your story. Help someone win.

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