How to Get Past the Fear of Writing Your Nonfiction Book

how to get past the fear of writing your book

The biggest roadblock to writing a book is NOT time, money, or skill. It's FEAR.⁠

I teach new authors the step-by-step process of writing a nonfiction book from start to finish. But if I had to choose ONE THING to teach new authors it would be how to get past the fear.

Fear that you don’t know enough, fear of the writing process, fear of failing, fear that no one will want to read it, fear you won’t finish are just some of the fears new authors struggle with. 

How to Get Past the Fear of Writing Your Nonfiction Book will show you:

  • How to Deal with Fear so you can start your book with confidence
  • How to Deal with Procrastination so you can stay motivated to keep writing, and 
  • How to Deal with Writer’s Block so that you’ll finish
  • Plus I’ve included a BONUS 5 Ways to Capture writing ideas + a video walk-through of my fave tried and true method
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What Our Blank to Book™ Authors Say after the Mindset Training

My big takeaway is that God knew I would walk in fear, yet he gave me the idea to write regardless of the fear. God’s opinion of me is so positive that he entrusted me with this assignment, therefore no other opinion matters.
Muriel P. - Consultant
Blank to Book™ Author
My struggle has been fear of the actual writing process itself, not doing it right the first time. However, I now have access to the tools I need in order to overcome it.
Shavondra L. - Scientist & Mompreneur
Blank to Book™ Author
Now it seems I'm writing everywhere. I have the confidence to write and say what I want to say.

Anne H. - Counselor, Entrepreneur
Blank to Book™ Author